Denture Care: Properly Clean and Maintain Your Dentures

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Dentures are an excellent option for those who have lost teeth, but denture care is often overlooked by people new to wearing dentures. There are many ways to maintain your dentures so they last as long as possible and stay clean. Denture care is essential because not caring for your dentures can do some damage. Your dentures will last considerably longer if you take the time to clean them. Dentures should be cleaned daily. Dentures get bacteria and food stuck on them, and denture adhesives will become loose with time.

Here are some denture care tips to help you properly clean dentures.

Clean dentures regularly

Daily cleaning is necessary to prevent tooth decay and gum disease because food particles can build up on dentures throughout the day. The longer these food particles remain on your dentures, the greater the chances that those particles will become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. A denture cleaner can be used to clean dentures; denture cleaners contain more active ingredients than denture soaps and are sometimes all you need to brighten dentures. If additional cleaning is necessary, denture tablets should be purchased separately. After cleaning dentures, examine them to ensure they are free from chips, cracks, or other damage. If dentures do have any damage that the dentist cannot repair, you should purchase new dentures before further denture damage occurs.

Clean after eating

Dentures should be cleaned after each meal; dentures are kept in the mouth for most of the day, and they can quickly become dirty when you eat. Brushing them daily or at least every few days with denture soap is advised.

Brush daily

Brush dentures thoroughly to make sure all food particles are removed. Food can be stuck on dentures easily, and denture brushes provide the best denture cleaning. Dentures should be dried with a towel after being brushed so that any remaining food particles will not stick to dentures later. After brushing dentures, examine them to make sure they are clean.

Seal dentures

Seal dentures in a denture-cleaning form daily after cleaning; dentures have many parts on them that can come off over time. When dentures are first cleaned, place dentures back into the tray and seal them in to stay clean between meals.

Store correctly

Put dentures away when done to prevent damage or denture loss; dentures should not be left out or around where they could get damaged. It is also a good idea to put dentures away in a denture case when you are done wearing them. Dentures should also be put away after cleaning because leaving dentures around is an easy way to get damaged or lost.

Get regular checkups

If dentures are loose, visit the dentist. If dentures become worn down over time, it might also mean that new dentures need to be made. Your dentist will measure your dentures and make sure they fit correctly for you so dentures can be made that are the right size.

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